Main Program - Stable Version

Click on the following links to dowload the most recent stable version of PowerSong:

Download PowerSong Beta.exe
Windows Installer, Monday 17th May 2010.
Download DotNet Framework 2.0.exe
Windows Installer. This is required in order to run PowerSong on machines earlier than Windows Vista.

The above version is the stable version that works as expected.

Main Program - Unstable Version

The following file is updated by a semi-automated build process. It should be considered buggy software, containing partially implemented features. Do not download unless you are very interested in the latest progress being made with PowerSong development.

Warning: This is the unstable version of PowerSong - it can break your database, so make a backup of any existing databases before using it, and don't expect databases opened by this version to be usable when it is officially released!

Download PowerSong Unstable
Windows Installer, 24 November 2012 11:31:08.

Bible Translations

The following Bible translations are available for download. They can be imported via the PowerSong user interface.

Download Bible.BBE.0.9.6.Bible
The Bible in Basic English, which can be loaded into PowerSong.

Note: There are currently no extra Bible translations available, due to copyright reasons. We are currently limited to using free translations, such as the Bible in Basic English. We are however open to the idea of being paid to include copyrighted translations. For more information, contact us.

Additional Content

The following additional content currently only works with the stable version of PowerSong.

Download Songs.0.9.6.PowerSong
A PowerSong export file containing sample songs that can be imported.
Download Styles.0.9.6.PowerSong
A PowerSong export file containing sample styles that can be imported.

Song Reference

The songs included in the sample songs above can be viewed online. Click here to view these songs.