PowerSong 2.0 FAQ

What is PowerSong 2?

PowerSong 2 is a new version of PowerSong, which has been almost completely rewritten from scratch. The opportunity to create a new version means that we can take advantage of the latest technologies and make even better design and implementation choices.

When will it be released?

PowerSong 2, much like everything else created by Hill Research, is a semi-long term research project and development tends to happen in bursts. For this reason, there is never a definitive release date for any software. All we can offer for now is a tentative release date. Currently, we think we can likely release PowerSong 2 by March 2012.

What's new in PowerSong 2?

What are the major differences between PowerSong 2 and PowerSong 1?

The main differences are the following:

Are there any missing features?

The biggest feature missing from PowerSong 2 will be plugin support. This was a rarely used feature anyway. We are ameliorating this issue by providing a much cleaner API for managing a PowerSong 2 database, and for managing a projector.

Will there be a version for Mac?

There are no plans to release PowerSong for the Mac, because this will require a complete rewrite from scratch, which isn't something that I am too keen about!

Have you got the lyrics for a song I'm interested in?

I keep getting asked this question, and I'm not entirely sure why.

PowerSong is a song projection tool. You input songs and project them for audiences to read. Whilst this website hosts a few songs, it is far from a complete library and the songs are for reference and time-saving purposes. I have not familiarised myself with every available song, but I suspect that if you're looking for one in particular you'd have much more luck looking elsewhere.

How have the system requirements changed?

PowerSong 2 uses version 4 of the .NET Framework in order to take advantage of the Windows Presentation Foundation. As a result, the minimum requirements are Windows XP with .NET 4. In terms of hardware, you will need a computer with a suitable graphics card. As a guideline, if you can play videos on your computer, then it will be powerful enough to run PowerSong 2.

Will PowerSong 2 be compatible with PowerSong 1?

In this case there is bad news and good news. The bad news is that PowerSong 2 cannot read PowerSong 1 databases natively, however the good news is that there will be a feature in PowerSong 2 that will allow you to upgrade databases created in PowerSong 1. An upgraded database cannot be read in PowerSong 1.

Will PowerSong 2 feature video playback?

Unlike PowerSong 1, PowerSong 2 will feature video playback. Work in this area is ongoing.

Will PowerSong 2 offer PowerPoint support?

PowerSong has never offered PowerPoint support and there are currently no plans to offer it in the future. We believe that adding PowerPoint support would make the software too complicated. If your opinion differs from this, please let us know your ideas!

What developer features are available in PowerSong 2?

The assemblies distributed with PowerSong 2 can be referenced in your C# and VB.net projects. The assemblies provide a clean API for accessing and working with a PowerSong database. There will also be an assembly for song projection.

How long will PowerSong be supported for?

PowerSong 2 will be supported until at least the end of 2015. Support for PowerSong 1 will continue in a basic fashion, where only critical bugs will be fixed. If you would prefer enhanced support specifically for PowerSong 1 please let me know.

Can I help with developing PowerSong 2?

Regardless of your expertise, we always welcome feedback about our products. If you are technically competent, then we are always looking for testers, website designers and software engineers ֠let us know if you would like to take part!

In the case of software engineering, please feel free to submit modified source code files after letting us know you would like to start development. Prolific developers will gain access to the source code repository for regular checkins.