List of Songs

Ps 109:4bc You are a priest for ever
Mass of Peace - (7) Lord's Prayer
The Potter's Hand
Ps 39:14b Lord, come to my aid!
Ps 32:22 Lord, let your mercy
Is 61:10b My soul rejoices
Is 2:1a My heart rejoices
The Lord's My Shepherd (Crimond)
Prayer before the Rosary
Kyrie Eleison
Change My Heart O God
Ps 144:16 The hand of the Lord
Ps 88:2a For ever I will sing
Ps 117:24 This is the day
Fill My House
Glory and Praise to Our God
Rejoice, Rejoice
Glory be to the Father
The Whole World Is Waiting for Love
The Mysteries Of Light
For the Lord is Good
Ps 8:2a O Lord, our God
Ps 53:6b The Lord upholds
Ps 68:14c Lord, in your great love
(13) Springs of Living Water
Mass - Youth (8) Lamb of God
Mass for Moderns - (1a) Confetior
Ex 15:1a Let us sing
Ps 85:5a Lord, you are good
We Remember
With One Voice
O Come, All Ye Faithful (B)
The Gift Of Love
Ps 90:15b Be with me, Lord
Mass (DON) - (5) Holy, holy, holy Lord
Everliving God
Ps 114:9 I will walk
(35) Stay with us Lord
What The Lord Has Done In Me
O Little Town of Bethlehem
Mass - SPOKEN - (2) Glory to God
All the Earth, Proclaim the Lord
Lk 15:18a I will rise
We Are Many Parts
Ps 61:6a Res in God alone
Mass of Peace - (1a) Confetior
You are the Voice of Hope
Seek, O Seek the Lord
The Angelus
Ps 95:7b Give the Lord glory
Lk 2:11 Today a Saviour
Every Time
On Eagle's Wings
Morning Has Broken
Mass of Freedom - (1a) Confetior
Mass - Youth (2) Glory to God
City of God
Be Still, for the Presence of the Lord
Ps 23:8a Who is this king
Ps 15:1 Keep me safe
Father, We Adore You
The Memorare
Mass of Freedom - (2) Glory to God
Ps 129:7 With the Lord
Jn 6:69b Lord, you have the words
Ps 127:1a Happy are those
(03) A virgin will conceive
The Eucharist Song
Mass - SPOKEN - (1b) Lord Have Mercy
Give Thanks
Glory be to the Father
(14) Veni Sancte Spiritus
Mass of Peace - (1b) Lord Have Mercy
Hearts On Fire
Mass of San Francesco - (1b) Lord have Mercy
Called by Christ
Peace Prayer
Ps 24:4b Teach me your ways
Mass of Peace - (2) Glory to God in the Highest
Mass for Moderns - (7) Lord's Prayer
(24) Light of the World
Ps 66:4 O God, let all
United As One
Eat This Bread
Ps 33:7a The Lord hears
Ps 144:18a The Lord is near
Prayer for the Priest
God Is Here
Ps 127:1 Happy are those
Lord Jesus, Lamb of God
Ps 137:8bc Lord, you love is eternal
Mass (DON) - (2) Glory to God
Lk 23:46 Father, I put my life
A Trusting Psalm
Let The Children Come
Mass Shalom - (7) Lord's Prayer
(12) Jesus, my life and resurrection
Is 61:10 With delight
Mass of San Francesco - (6) Euch. Acc & Amen
Ps 138:14a I praise you
Mass - Youth (7.1) Lord's Prayer
Let Your Kingdom Come
(19) I will rise and go to my Father.
(16) Jesus, Son of David
Tree of Life (Lent)
Ps 21:26a I will praise you, Lord
(02) Come Lord Jesus
Thy Word
Adeste, Fideles
Mass (DON) - (1a) Confetior
Awake, O Sleeper
The Day You Gave Us, Lord, Is Ended
Go Tell Everyone
The Glorious Mysteries
With What Great Love
Ps 97:9 The Lord comes to rule
Wait for the Lord
(21) Lord we come to your table
Mass - Youth (6) Euch. Acc. & Amen
Lk 8:8 The seed that falls
Our Supper Invitation
Mass of Freedom - (6) Euch. Acc. & Amen
People Get Ready
Light of Christ/Exsultet
Mass of Freedom - (3) Alleluia
Ps 112:1a & 7b Praise the Lord
This Day God Gives Me
Ps 118:97a Lord, I love your commands
Ps 33:9a Taste and see
The Joyful Mysteries
Hope Is Found Again
(29) Prayer of Trust
One Body In Christ
Once in Royal David's City
Ps 18:9a The precepts of the Lord
True Colours Shine
(27) This is my son
Holy, Sacred Spirit
Be Still, My Friends
Mass (DON) - (7) Lord's Prayer
Mass Shalom - (6) Euch. Acc. & Amen
Ps 71:7 Justice shall flourish
Mass (DON) - (6) Euch Acc. & Amen
See, I Make All Things New
Ps 102:8 The Lord is kind
Prayer of St. Francis
I'm Sorry
Spring of Life
Blessings on the King
Deep Within My People
Will You Love Me
Mission To Love
Blessing Song
Who Will Speak
(32) I am the vine
My Help Shall Come
Prayer after the Rosary
(25) Make our hearts, O Lord
All Things Are Possible
Ps 23:7c Let the Lord enter
Yes Lord I Believe!
The Sorrowful Mysteries
We Eat This bread
(30) Come to me
Ps 117:1 Give thanks to the Lord
Tu Es Sacerdos
Ps 145:2a Praise the Lord, my soul
Tree of Life
Mighty to Save
While Shepherds Watched Their Flock by Night
Eye Has Not Seen
Mass for Moderns - (1a) Lord Have Mercy
Life's A Celebration
Mass - Youth (3) Alleluia
Take These Gifts
Ps 111:4a The just man
Trinity Song
The Servant Song
I Give You My Heart
Ps 16:15b Lord, when your glory
Ps 71:11 Lord, every nation
The Lord Is My Shepherd
Jesus, Remember Me
Isaiah 49
Mass for Moderns - (6) Euch. Acc. & Amen
A Shepherd I'll Be To You
Emmaus Song
Ps 99:3c We are his people
Stand Up
These Hands
Follow Me
Be Not Afraid
The Great Southland
We Walk By Faith
Mass for Moderns - (4) Creed
The Fullness of God
Mass - SPOKEN - (8) Lamb of God
Our God is an Awesome God
Away in a Manger
Ps 96:1a & 9a The Lord is king
St Theresa's Prayer
Today I Awake
My Jesus My Saviour
Prayer to Jesus Requested by Our Lady
Mass of Freedom - (5) Holy Holy
Ps 15:1 Keep me safe
Bring Forth the Kingdom
Ps 94:8 If today you hear
Ps 88:37 His dynasty shall last
Mass Shalom - (1a) Confetior
Go Out
What Child Is This
Come as You Are
The Hail Mary
Hail Holy Queen
Ps 103:30 Lord, send out your Spirit
Ps 97:1 Sing a new song
Sing a New Song
Mt 5:3 Happy the poor in spirit
Here I am to Worship
Hail Mary, Gentle Woman
Ps 96:1 A light will shine
To You, O Lord
I Believe
Mass of San Francesco - (2) Glory to God
(08) Lord, be my rock of safety
Ps 44:10b The queen stands
Make Us New
Ps 92:1a The Lord is King
Ps 130:1 In you, Lord, I have found
(31) Who can this be
Mass Shalom - (2) Gloria
The Summons
The First Nowell (B)
Ps 14:1a He who does justice
Ps 40:5b Lord, heal my soul
Ps 80:2a Sing with joy
Jesus, You Gave It All
Mass - SPOKEN - (1a) Confetior
Ps 79:4 Lord, make us turn to you
You Are The Voice
Come To The Table
Take and Eat
Eagles' Wings
Nearer My God To Thee
Though the Mountains May Fall
Lord You Give The Great Commission
Mass of Peace - (8) Lamb of God
Picture 1
Mass - SPOKEN - (5) Holy Holy
Ps 24:6a Remember your mercies
Like a Shepherd
Ps 50:12a Create a clean heart
Micah's Theme
A New Commandment
Let there be Joy
Co 10:16 Our blessing cup
Beautiful One
Ps 147:12a Praise the Lord
You are There
Ps 89:14 Fill us with your love
(20) Jesus, you are my friend
(10) We adore you O Christ
Hear Our Praises
At the Centre of My Heart
Ps 97:2b The Lord has revealed
Alleluia No 1
Prepare the Way
Jn 6:64b Your words, Lord
Mass - SPOKEN - (1) Lord Have Mercy
Mass - Youth (4) Creed
Take and Eat (2)
Ps 122:2cd Our eyes are fixed
(04) Wait in joyful hope
Dance, Dance
From the Inside Out
Mass of Freedom - (7) Lord's Prayer
Ps 31:7 I turn to you
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
Mass of Peace - (5) Holy, Holy
Mass - SPOKEN - (2) Glory to God
Ps 65:1 Let all the earth
I Am the Bread of Life
Ps 67:11b God, in your goodness
Ps 118:1b Happy are they
Gift Of Grace
Ps 17:2 I love you, Lord
Ps 46:6 God mounts his throne
Silent Night, Holy Night
Gather Your People
Angels We Have Heard on High (B)
Show Me Your Ways
Eagles Still Soar
Mass of Freedom - (8) Lamb of God
All the Ends of the Earth
Ps 106:1 Give thanks to the Lord
Baptized in Water
Mass of Freedom - (4) Creed
Ps 22:6cd I shall live in the house
Mass Shalom - (3) Alleluia
Ps 102:17 The Lord's kindness
Be Thou My Vision
Mass - SPOKEN - (4) Creed
Ps 4:7a Lord, let your face
I'll Be Always Loving You
Mass - Youth (7) Lord's Prayer
I Thank My God
Mass for Moderns - (3) Alleluia
Lord, You Give the Great Commission
Glory (Pillar of Faith)
Go Now, You Are Sent Forth
Ps 31:5c Lord, forgive the wrong
Mass - Youth (5) Sanctus
(06) Tidings of great joy
I Have Loved You
In Faith and Hope and Love
Ps 26:1a The Lord is my light
Ps 33:8 The angel of the Lord
Come To Me, All Who Labour
Mass of San Francesco - (5) Holy, Holy
Mass of Peace - (4) Creed
Hear, O Lord
Ps 24:1b To you, O Lord
Mass of Peace - (6) Euch. Acc & Amen
God Of All Hearts
Hosanna to the Son of David
Ps 102:8a The Lord is kind
Hail, Queen of Heaven, the Ocean Star
Mass for Moderns - (2) Glory to God
Ps 125:3 The Lord has done
Send Down The Fire
Our God Reigns
Receive the Power
God Has Chosen Me
Mass of Peace - (3) Alleluia
Ps 22:1 The Lord is my shepherd;
The Beatitudes
Picture 2
Whe We Eat This Bread
Is 12:3 You will draw water
Ps 137:1c In the sight
(07) Give us hearts renewed
Soul of My Saviour
Ps 136:6a Let my tongue
(33) Ask and you will receive
Turn Back To God
Ps 77:24b The Lord gave them
Ps 114:9 I will walk (Andersen)
Ps 120:2 Our help is from the Lord
The Power of Your Love
Mass of San Francesco - (7) Lord's Prayer
Ps 121:1 I rejoiced when I heard
(22) This is my body
My Soul in Stillness Waits
Mass - SPOKEN - (3) Alleluia
Ps 15:5a You are my inheritance
Come To The Water
Ps 137:3a Lord, on the day
(26) To seek your law, O Lord
Ps 23:6 Lord, this is the people
(34) Come away, rest a while
Mass - SPOKEN - (6) Euch. Acc. & Amen
The First Nowell (A)
Mass of San Francesco - (8) Lamb of God
Ps 102:19a The Lord has set
King of Angels, King of Saints
Reach Out
Living Water
Be Still and Know
Ps 89:1 In every age, O Lord,
Ps 115:13 I will take the cup
Ps 22:4a Though I walk
Holy Father, God of Might
Mass - Youth (1b) Kyrie Eleison
Ps 15:11 a Lord, you will show us
Jesus, Touch Me
Receive the Word
Here I Am, Lord
Holy Spirit Live In Us
I'm Coming To You Lord
The Confetior
Ps 50:3a Be merciful, O Lord
Abide With Me
Chron 29:13 We praise your
The Apostles' Creed
Rock of Ages
Eagle's Wings
(23) Taste and see
Ps 49:23b To the upright
Ps 39:5a Happy are they
Taste and See
Ps 68:33 Turn to the Lord
Strong and Constant
Wherever I Go
Make Me A Servant
Open My Eyes
Mass of San Francesco - (1a) Confetior
Blessed Are You
Mass of San Francesco - (3) Alleluia
Ps 91:2a Lord, it is good
Canticle Of The Sun
(09) No one lives on bread alone
My Redeemer Lives
A Voice Is Heard
Stay with Me
(11) The myst'ry is this;
We've Got The Power
Share This Meal With Me
You Are My Strength
Advance Australia Fair
Mass - Youth (1a) Confetior
A Song for Mum
Blest Be the Lord
Ps 29:2a I will praise you, Lord
Ubi Caritas
The Regina Caeli
Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God
(18) Jesus, lead me back
The Lord's Prayer
In Your Hands
All Glory, Praise, and Honour
Lord, Send Out Your Spirit
Mass (DON) - (8) Lamb of God
So You Would Come
Mass Shalom - (8) Lamb of God
One Bread, One Body
Ps 144:1 I will praise your name
Father Today
Ps 70:15a I will sing
Mass (DON) - (3) Alleluia
Mk 16:15 Go out to all the world
Mass for Moderns - (8) Lamb of God
Is 12:6 Cry out with joy and gladness
God of Day and God of Darkness
Ps 117:22 The stone rejected
(28) Hail Mary, full of grace
You Raise Me Up
(15) Come Spirit of God
Mass Shalom - (5) Holy, Holy
Lift Up Your Hearts
Ps 32:12b Happy the people
Lord, to Whom Shall We Go
Mass Shalom - (4) Creed
In the name of the Father
You're All I Want
O Come, All Ye Faithful (A)
Amazing Grace
Given For You
Ps 127:5 May the Lord Bless Us
Ps 77:7c Do not forget
Hail, Redeemer, King Divine
Into Your Hands
Ps 146:3a Praise the Lord
Trust In You
Gather Us In
Dn 3:52b Glory and praise for ever!
Provident God
Lord of Earth and All Creation
Picture 3
Ps 3c:3b Lord, be my rock
As Gentle as Silence
Companions on the Journey
Keep in Mind
Ps 21:2a My God, my God
Here Is My Life
He Is Lord
Ps 41:2 Like a deer that longs
Ps 97:3c All the ends of the earth
Ps 26:13 I believe that I shall see
Mass (DON) - (1b) Lord, have mercy
Blessed Be Your Name
Ps 39:8a Hear am I, Lord
Coming Back Together
Gather Together
Mass of San Francesco - (4) Creed
Mass - SPOKEN - (7) Lord's Prayer
Mass Shalom - (1b) Lord Have Mercy
(17) Be merciful, O Lord,
Be With Me, Lord
Angels We Have Heard on High (A)
A Blessing Song
Ps 28:11b The Lord will bless
(05) You have made us for yourself, O Lord
Mass of Freedom - (1b) Lord Have Mercy
(01) In the morning Lord
My Soul Is Longing for Your Peace
I'm Making Melody
Ps 66:2a May God bless us
Ps 24:10 Your ways, O Lord
Ps 84:8 Lord, let us see your kindness
This Body Will Be Given for You
Create A New Heart
O Lord Hear My Prayer
Mass - SPOKEN - (3) Alleluia
Mass for Moderns - (5) Holy Holy
Carry Me On Your Shoulders
Hail Mary
Sing to the Mountains
Ps 95:3 Proclaim his marvelous
We Three Kings of Orient Are
Ps 62:2b My soul is thirsting
You Are Mine
Is 5:7a The vineyard of the Lord
Christ, Be Our Light
Joy to the World

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