Introduction to PowerSong

This website hosts a long term personal research project with practical applications.

By utilising the state of the art in software usability research, we have developed a church presentation software package that we think is very easy to use, due to its focus on the user experience. We believe that other offerings (such as Presenter, SongPro, ZionWorx and OpenLP) are not as user friendly as they should be, and therefore we believe that there considerable potential for a new package whose primary focus is on the user experience, whilst not forgetting other important features.

The result of all of this research is PowerSong. We don't think it takes very long at all for new people to learn how to use it, and to use it effectively. This is good news for anyone wishing to train new people to fulfill the role of a projectionist.

As well as concentrating on the user experience, we have made sure to implement a large number of features as well, making PowerSong useful as well as usable. The more complicated features are a little hidden, making them slightly less accessible, so that professional users can take advantage of the wealth of features that the software offers without those features being blatantly obvious to the novice users.

News - May 2012

The in-progress PowerSong 2.0 project has replaced the old PowerSong 1.0 project on CodePlex (at If you're interested in the changes that are being made to PowerSong 2.0 on a day by day basis, then visit that website and click on the "Source Code" tab! I am on holiday for about two weeks, and will resume work on PowerSong upon my return.

PowerSong is completely free, unlike most other church presentation software. The software can be downloaded directly from this website and experimented with within a few minutes. Go to the download page to download the software. We don't even ask for your email address.

Additionally, PowerSong is open source, allowing software development experts equipped with Visual Studio alone to further enhance the software. There aren't many song projection packages that are also open source.

The software is currently being developed by Nicholas Hill in England (Welsh at heart though). Additional members of the team are welcome! We are constantly on the look out for expert software developers, document writers, testers and interface usability experts. We've recently moved over to an online source code repository, which should significantly simplify distributed development.


PowerSong 2.0 is currently under active development on Microsoft's CodePlex website at If you're a technical person and would like to browse or take part in the project, then visit us there!

We would greatly appeciate any feedback. At the least, it lets us know that people are actually using our software!